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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
? football talk matt ryan picked them apart. and now to terrell brown knows they're going to have their hands full. >> any time you can have a field with a quarterback can throw the ball in tight windows the way he does, makes it seem closer. >> and let's bring in our own abc 7 collin rush. you spend the day with the ravens. >> you know the saying a day late and color short. >> i guarantee they have no intention of coming up short on super bowl sunday. the other harbaugh. and members of the press getting minutes before hitting the podium wh. he did, it was story time about jim. >> playing any sport with jim was a test of will for us. jim was the head of his time. he was wigger, stronger than kids his age. didn't hang around with kids his age too much. hung around with me, my friends all the time. he was good enough to take it to us on a pretty regular basis. >> and finished with this. flavor from new orleans that has nothing to do with this. the st. augustine marching band just took over canal street. is this legal? is that okay? that is new orleans that. there sit right there. >> that
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
>>> governor brown rejected a request from cal university trusty that's want more money. trustees hope the governor would go along with giving them another $250 million. mr. brown called on csu to cut costs without increasing tuition during a meeting in long beach today. >> the problem is rides rising inequality. 26% as a kid, 23% of the kids under family that's are december nated below poverty line that. is a big, big challenge. >> the trustees want to give employees a raise. government warned them today it's going to be hard to get lawmakers to approve those raises in this era of belt tightening. >> the question may be putting a damper on a program that let's solo drivers use the carpool lanes for plug in owners until 2015. so far, just 9,000 stickers have been issued. that is in contrast to the yellow sticker program that sold out of its 85,000 stickers. state senator lee wants to encourage drivers to give them more years in that carpool lane. >> more expensive and can use these vehicles on an hov lane kind of helps settle anxiety a little bit more. >> advocates predict sales of the plu
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
not hopeful hearts like those of eldon brown and his family. >> how much longer are you going to sit here? >> another two hours until we meet har bowl. >> it might be a long shot for anyone without cleats. these opening photos of practice. minutes of tossing balls around for cameras and reporters before the team said about serious business of implementing a game plan. by then, any outsiders had strict orders about no peeking. niners are now poised. >> you don't want to get caught up in thinking about it. i think it's cool. >> not even six months ago, san francisco celebrated giants and world series victories. second in three years. in two more weeks, we're looking at a possible replay with the 49ers. one region dominated sports. impossible, yet, familiar. remember back to back wins in 1988 and 89? in the second year, oakland athletics won against san francisco giants. such championships are very rare. remember boston red sox and new england patriots in 2004? will we see niners and giants in 2013? in the locker room we wondered if we should ask. >> it's something we hope to give t
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> governor brown delivered a state of the state address today at the top of the agenda, california's road to financial recovery. not everybody is pleased with this plan. >> with the state budget stabilized, governor brown says it's time to move on. in his speech since retaking office, democrat outlined lofty goals for the year, aimed at building his legacy. california high speed rail project will breakdown this year. state will ramp up to begin implementing president obama's federal affordable care act and forthing ahead with twin tunnels to move water north to south through the san joaquin delta. >> two years ago they're writing our obituary. it didn't happen. california is back and we're on the move. >> some republicans are scratching their heads. the governor congrad rated lawmakers if for cutting the budget but this year's projects are pricey. >> that is a guy ramping up the budget. >> advocates for the poor also criticized the governor. sabrina experienced $15 billions cuts that state made to the safety net since 2008 but there are no plans to help her, or others, this year. >> makes me
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4